Hedgehogs are in trouble. Rural populations have seen declines of up to half and in urban areas, up to a third have been lost between 2000 and 2014. But there is hope! A recent report by People’s Trust for Endangered Species and British Hedgehog Preservation Society suggests the decline in urban areas may be slowing. Action being taken by individuals and communities may be making a real difference!

Suffolk Wildlife Trust aims to improve the situation for our urban hedgehogs, and is striving to make Ipswich the most hedgehog friendly town in the UK! We are working towards this goal by encouraging individuals to sign up as ‘Hedgehog Champions’ in an approach similar to the very successful Hedgehog Street.  These Champions will manage their gardens in a wildlife friendly way, and will also persuade their neighbours to do the same. This will enable a street by street network of linked gardens, connecting the green spaces of Ipswich together.

This is a two year project run by Suffolk Wildlife Trust and is funded by Heritage Lottery Fund and British Hedgehog Preservation Society.

To keep up to date with our hedgehog activities please follow this blog. For more resources, information about the project and our online ‘hog tracking map, please head to the Suffolk Wildlife Trust hedgehog pages here!

WP26046Header photograph by Tom Marshall, above photo by Mark Taylor Warren